Bakuman 21

Saiko and Shuujin have worked their butts off to get this far. Saiko has been pulling all nighters and he does not even put the manga to even eat. The fatigue clearly shows in their meeting with Hattori when Saiko almost collapses. Before the meeting they run into Nakai who is sitting with a female manga artist by the name of Aoki. Nakai and Aoki are teamed up their entry for the Golden Future Cup. Aoki basically tells Saiko and Shuujin that their manga Money and Intelligence was no good. During their meeting with Hattori the ranking system for the competition is explained.

The ranking system for the competition actually gives a person the choice of liking or disliking while also giving an actual rating for the one-shot. This means that it is possible for a one-shot with high number of dislikes, but a high overall rank to win and and high number of likes, but a lower overall rank could win as well. Hattori’s biggest concern is that they beat Colorfusical by Koogy. Shuujin then points out to Hattori that since each one-shot is published in a seperate issue the first one get an advantage. It is one that the others will be compared to. Nakai also said this as well. The editing department basically puts the one they think will do best first in the line up. The four entrants are Saiko and Shuujin, Nakai and Aoki, Fukuda, and Koogy.

Koogy plans on using his fans to win the Golden Future Cup. He tells them after a concert on live TV that he taking a breaking from music to become a manga artist. He even tells them his real name. He is banking on the fact that his fans will buy the manga and vote for it in the competition. His editor would have preferred that he told his fans after his serialization. This causes the other entrants to complain to Jack.

I have to agree with them though. Koogy is using his already established fame to try and win in a cheap way. He should have to do win the way the others do. By working his butt off to get their. Hopefully Jack agrees with them and kicks Koogy out of competition or they have a lot more work to do. None of them have a really well established fan base to do what Koogy is doing. Koogy is being an asshole and he knows it.

Saiko is working himself to hard. I would never work myself to the point where I am ready to collapse. If I did it must be really worth it because what is the sense ins destroying yourself for something. I can understand that Saiko loves Azuki and wants to be able to marry her right out of High School, but seriously he needs to relax a little. He needs to work at a slower pace and perfect the story that he has. He is rushing into it and Hattori is only telling him that it is good. I would want to hear the excellent com out of his mouth before I consider serialization.


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