Beelzebub 8

Ishiyama’s queen has returned and she wants to pick a fight with Oga. The only thing she does nor t realize that Oga is someone she has already met. Her return has also mad Furuichi happy because that means that Ishiyama’s girls have returned. At least the absence of girls has been explained. Ishiyama’s queen is Kunieda Aoi. Even Himekawa and Kanzaki fear her and for good reason. That wooden she carries can cut through anything. It cut through a stone statue and a plane of glass. Kunieda must have a lot of strength in that body of hers.

Kunieda’s perception of Oga was only 50% correct until she actually saw him with Baby Beel in school. She then realized him from the park debut. Her thoughts were of a guy that deeply cared for his child. Even then she still wanted to fight him. They fought and Oga was able to dodge all of her attacks. Baby Beel then takes a liking to her because of how ruthless she was towards Oga. This causes Oga to ask her to become Baby Beel’s mother which causes Kunieda to act like the teenage girl she is. She calls Oga an idiot then runs off. The episode ends with her in classroom wondering if Oga is divorced.

This episode had its funny moment in that scene where Oga causes Kunieda to act like a teenage girl. I have a feeling that even if Kunieda tries to pursue Oga for a romantic relationship he will remain oblivious to her advances. I think Hilda has some competition. Furuichi still remains the character that I am most annoyed with. But Kunieda is now my favorite character and it because of that scene where she acts like a teenage girl. She has a split personality I think. She acts all tough on the outside, but on the inside she wants to be a teenage girl.


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