Kore wa Zombie Desuka? 07

Ayumu if getting help studying from Haruna, but the only problem is that it seems that Haruna is a bad teacher. She is intent on cramming Ayumu full of useless knowledge for the test. The explanation on string theory she gave was a little funny. It made it seem like the universe was a top and it was being spun by someone pulling the string. But Ayumu seems to have gotten the information that he needed in order to pass the test. Why were jellyfish that used tentacles to rape needed at all in this show? I would prefer if they kept that stuff to Hentai. Then a girl wielding super string theory powered soup destroys all the megalo’s. I want to know what part of that soup is based upon super string theory?

Another vampire ninja has appeared and she is now married to Ayumu througn an accidental kiss. Her what I assume to be a code name is Maelstrom, but her real name seems to be Yuki Tomonri. I will probably refer to her as Yuki because I do not like the Name Maelstrom. Why is that there are always weird ways of getting married in shows like this? Especially if the act was accidental? The same thing happened in TO love-Ru. I loved Haruna’s Tanabata story of the violent Santa that only liked people with ponytails. And the wishes the girls made were pretty funny.

This episode was just a feast of funny except for the jellyfish. It started with Haruna’s bad teaching and ended with the Tanabata wishes. The rules for vampire must be very complex and inflexible because they do not account for accidents. At least Yuki wanted to get married. Ayumuy on the other hand seems like he really did not want to. So another girl is probably going to end up in Ayumu’s house. What would happen if the marriage were annulled? Do vampire ninjas even allow such things? Would Ayumu be killed or would everyone close to Ayumu be killed? What would happen?


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