Fairy Tail 67

Zero and Nirvana were defeated in the most spectacular way possible. That would be the awakening of Natsu’s full Dragon Slayer  magic. I would definitely have to say that those powers are something to fear. The way that Natsu’s flame just ate at Zero’s magic was cool. Afterwards with Nirvana falling apart everyone makes a mad dash for the exit and Jura saves Wendy. It is good to know that Jura is relatively okay. After everyone is out Wendy thanks Natsu’s for helping to save t her guild. Wendy was so cute while doing it. It was like she was expressing love to someone.

Things then take a serious turn for the worse when the Magic Council’s Detention Corps. shows up on the scene. They want to take all of Oracion Seis into custody. This is when it is revealed that Wally who worked with Jellal in the Tower of Heaven was Hot-eye’s brother. It was surprising to learn at first, but after examining it I should have been able to tell from the beginning. They both have that blocky looking face. Apparently Oracion Seis was not the true intent of the detention Corps. The real intention was to come and pick up Jellal.


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