Bakuman 20

Saiko and Shuujin worked their butts off without Hattori ever knowing what was going on. The deceiver gets deceived. For six months they worked on their mystery manga. They completed 8 of the 10 names that was their goal. That in itself is an amazing feat in my eyes. I am almost pretty certain that I could not do that even if I tried. Now the long is to see if they can get it serialized. Saiko and Shuujin have acquired an assistant of sorts in Miyoshi. I find Miyoshi to be the the most annoying character on the whole show. She seems to be incapable of any deep thought and her rationales never make any sense. Her first and foremost concern is for Saiko and Azuki. She seems more determined than them to make sure that they fulfill their dream. 

It is always nice to see people working hard to fulfill a dream that they have. This anime has brought back the memories of when I read the BECK manga. This and that have so many parallels. Saiko and Shuujin are working towards a dream while BECK was doing the same as well. They both had their support from people who really thought they could do it. Both were trying to out do someone more popular and powerful than them. I just hope that Saiko can fulfill his and he and Azuki get married.


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