Beelzebub 07

The bit before the OP came on was pretty funny. Kanzaki and Himekawa should never have been put in a hospital room together. After there little talk about Kunieda Aoi they started fighting with each about what happened to Himekawa. Now on to the main part. This episode has to do with Baby Beel’s first time at the park. Apparently there is an art to the kids first time at the park. I always thought it was about the kid having fun and making friends. Oga had Furuichi with him, but Furuichi left in pursuit of women. So that was really pointless. Not like Furuichi would have been any help anyway he never is of any help.

So Oga tries to do the park debut thing on his, but he fails pretty bad at. I guess it is because of natural demeanor and that of Baby Beel. When ever they tried smiling it just looked nefarious. Plus why was Baby Beel not dressed in any clothes? That probably would have made things a little better. So he then enlists the help of a teenager their with her little brother by asking “Would you do it with me?” Of course Oga failed in explaining it until after a misunderstanding had already happened. The girl was thinking more sexual thoughts. Even with her help he failed pretty bad. The misunderstanding definitely had me splitting a gut though.

The women in the park then decides to enlist the help of a police officer in getting rid of Oga. But that was a bad idea. Oga does not bow down to authority unless it is his parents. Instead the officer just gets a swift kick to the balls. Oga then runs off while the women yell at him to come back. What made them think that he would come back after kicking a police officer in the balls? And what would they do? Give him a stern talking to? There was no chance of that happening


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