Fairy Tail 66

Both Jellal and Natsu give speeches in this episode. Jellal’s is about Natsu being the only hope that they have. Natsu’s is about the support of his friends. That support has always been key to Natsu being able to fight on and get stronger. Every time you think that he is beat his friends help him and he gets stronger than before. His friends are like his guiding light. Jellal gives Natsu some power in the form of the flame of guilt. An thus the final battle of this arc goes into full swing.

I think the reason that I like anime like this is because it is the way I wished that world worked. It shows humans helping each other in a way that is beneficial to all. It is very black and white with good guys and bad guys. You pick a side and fight for it. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.


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