Beelzebub 06

It seems that everything that is from the demon world is messed up in some way. Things have extra features that do the exact opposite of its original function. Oga and Hilda got trapped in a cage that can only be opened by a baby’s puzzle. Remember the thing with the holes of different shapes and pegs that matched. Yeah that type of thing opened the cage. That seems like a design flaw to me. Baby Beel manages to break one the pegs and that sends Oga into a rage and he breaks the cage. That causes the Zebul Spell to grow which is the one thing he did not want to happen.

Later on we are handed a cross dressing Furuichi and Oga in the form of nurses. They were wearing the classical nurse uniform with some minor modifications to make seem like something from the demon world. These outfits can only be removed upon baby Beel curing a patient. So both Furuichi and Oga are roped into playing doctor with baby Beel. The medical bag itself hold things that do more damage than healing in my opinion. Just by the look on people’s faces they were trying to cure it was not a fun experience for them. But it was Oga doing the treating so of course it probably wouldn’t be a good experience.

This was one of the more entertaining episodes so far. I thought that Furuichi and Oga as nurses was just comical. Especially when they were trying to treat those guys from Kanzaki’s gang. The nurse outfit did nothing to reduce the natural evil look on Oga’s face. In some cases it made him look even more evil. I just wish that the little intro for Oga at the beginning would stop. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.


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