Kore wa Zombie Desuka ? 05

The opening scene definitely got me interested in this episode right a way. At first I was a little confused and then I remembered that Sera was a vampire. So feeding time it was for her. As it stands though the girl on girl action was nice. Ayumu later walks in on a naked Haruna and she proceeds to kick in face. That one seemed rather pointless because she was embarrassed about being seen, but then kick him in the face. That gives him a good look of her lower area. Now that he has seen the goods he probably wants the goods.  Dai-Sensei calls while Haruna is in the bath and Ayumu answers. It would seem that Haruna wound up in wrong place per Dai-Sensei’s request.

For a while nothing important happens. Ayumu then meets up with Kyoko in the cemetery. Now comes the interesting part. The murderer is finally ousted and guess who it is. It is none other than Kyoko. That surprised me a little. A nice battle ensues with neither side really winning. Yuu then shows up. That means it will get more interesting. This has been Xly15 and check back later more.