Fairy Tail 65

Wendy finds Jellal and Erza. The only problem is that Jellal does not remember who Wendy is. He does not even know who he is alone let alone who Wendy is. While this is going on the magical weapon that is Nirvana is taking aim at Cait Shelter. But everything is good because the airship that the Alliance had showed up and took out a leg. That messed up Nirvana’s aim. Now it the Alliance’s turn to go on the offensive. Natsu, Gray, and Lucy have awoken and with rest have set out to destroy Nirvana’s power source.

Zero is an ass of person. He has a lot of magical power but he decides that he wants to play around. He just wants to flaunt his magical power. He jacks Hibiki’s telepathy to tell the Alliance that he is indeed going to stand in their way. I think that they had already figured that out on their own. At least it looks like karma is going to bite him ass. He was found by the one person that I wouldn’t want to be found by and that is Natsu Dragoneel. Natsu is just like Luffy from One Piece in respect that he never gives up when he sets himself to something. Natsu is definitely going to give Zero the beating of his life. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.


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