Bakuman 18

That was a very daring challenge by Fukuda to his editor. But he did make some very good points on the structure of Jack. It is not very conducive to new manga artists if they have to try and come up with something popular right off the bat. If they don’t they get relegated to the back pages of the magazine. That puts a lot of pressure on that person to do their best. I agree that the stories should be rotated every issue so that way each can get some exposure. You never know if something was flying just under the radar. That appearance at the front may just gain it some popularity. It gets even better when Nizuma voices his agreement since he actually writes popular manga. You would think that Nizuma prefers the current system because it keeps him at the top. But I guess that he wants some fair and honest competition from people who can actually bring it.

Out of all this both Saiko and Nakai take encouragement. They are both now even more determined to get serialized. Saiko has learned something about where Nizuma gets his ideas from. They came from drawings he did as a little kid. And now the competition is heating up with Nakai re-entering the ring. He went through a big change in a short period of time. Miyoshi is getting one of her cell novels published. That is good and all until the publishing company finds out that Shuujin is writing some of story. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more. 


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