Kore wa Zombie Desuka ? 04

Seraphim has some really bad cooking. I want to know how she turned Haruna’s cooking which looked good into something that bad. It melted through the bowl it was in and made Ayumu goes unconscious. I guess that means never let a vampire ninja cook your meals. A megalo shows up wanting to take Ayumu back to the underworld. Upon seeing Hellscythe he understands why Ayumu did not return. Both Ayumu and Megalo go a check out another murder that has happened. It ends with the megalo dying and Ayumu getting stabbed again.

Near the end Ayumu and Seraphim had to do battle with a giant whale. So of course the cross dressing Ayumu came out in full glory. I really wish they would not show the transformation scene. It kind of creeps me out. Oh and I now have a better understanding of Hellscythe’s magic. It involves her having to take the on the pain of others in order to heal. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.

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