Fairy Tail 64

The battle between Erza and Midnight has drawn to a close. Erza has won and I think that was by the fact that Midnight’s magic relied heavily on illusions to fool his enemies. That is the biggest difference between him and Accelator from Toaru Majutsu no Index. Accelator does not use illusions and his had very limited range. He could only affect things in his immediate area. Midnight’s power can be used wherever he focuses but it can only be used wherever he focuses it. Once Erza found out it was based upon illusions it was essay for her to win.

The weird staff announce that Zero had arrived on the scene. All I know is that Zero is a major douche bag to the nth power. All he wants is wanton destruction. What is th point in that? Why destroy the world in which you live? This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.


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