The Great Flood-Beelzebub 04

I have to say that I’m really getting tire of Beel shocking Oga every time that he is angry or annoyed. It is getting very redundant in its own way. You can obviously tell Beel is angry just by the tone of goo’s and gaa’s. In the first couple of episodes it was okay, but now it is starting to wear very thin.  I wonder how much time has been spent just animating that alone. Well enough about that.

So I’m guessing that I previous demon lord would have been the cause of flood during Noah’s time. Beel has a lot of pee in him to make a flood out of it. After that Oga goes to the store are leaves Furuichi with Hilda. Let’s just say that Furuichi tries to hit on Hilda and fail horribly at it. He ends up insulting Hilda with what he said and she then takes off in pursuit of Oga. At the end of all of this an incident happens at the store and Oga proves that he is best one to take care of Beel yet again.


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