Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? 03

The first you are greeted with upon watching this episode is the weird that Haruna is having about about pudding. I have to wonder if she did any drugs before she went to sleep. The last time I had a dream like that I was smoking something and trust me the dreams got vivid. But I’m pretty positive that I have never dreamed about food. I guess she has more fatness then me then.

While Ayumu is at school the girls played a whole host of games. They played Jenga, Twister,and Mahjong. I have to say that the Jenga game turned out pretty weird and so did the Mahjong game. I wish I could get a Jenga to do what they did. But the best game played had to have been Twister. I wish that Eucliwood would have been playing. I think that she is clearly my favored character. I just don’t like the personalities of the other two.

Ayumu then goes bowling with Orito where they end up meeting up with the girls. I can’t believe that Ayumu tried to disguise himself with the mask. That was just a stupid idea to begin with. After the bowling Alley Orito and Ayumu go to hospital where Ayumu meets Kyoko. She gives some clues to who the Serial Killer was. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.


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