Fairy Tail 63

I will no longer be posting pictures with my impressions.

Brain is just full of tricks isn’t he. Not only doe he that Dark Capricco magic, but he can use mass telepathy and disguise that. He is like th perfect solider for war isn’t he. I bet the CIA would like someone like him. Minus the whole wanting to kill people part of course. It would seem that I’m wrong about my previous assumption of the generals controlling Midnight’s power. If Brain is trying to lure people to fight Midnight then he must want him defeated. You have to wonder though what made Brain turn to the dark side if he use to belong to the Bureau of Magic like he said.

Then we the battle that began between Erza and Midnight where Midnight finally show cases his magic for everyone to see. I have to say that it is a pretty good power. But I have seen it used in other anime of this style before. It has one weakness and that is a pretty big one in my book. Midnight’s power kind of reminds of Accelator’s power from Toaru Majutsu on Index. It has to deal with controlling space.

Midnight then launches into a triad about why Cait Shelter is the first light guild targeted. It would seem that they are the only ones who can seal Nirvana away again. But to me it does not seem like they will be doing anything about Nirvana this time. They are going to leave all in the hand of Natsu and the others. Hopefully they can  accomplish the mission and have a job well done. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.


4 thoughts on “Fairy Tail 63

  1. Midnights power has been compared to Accelator’s in fact its said to be a mix of Acceelator’s powers and Aizen from Bleach’s powers (he can make illutions too he probbley how he tricked Richard into thinking he had won)

    Brain does not want Midnight to lose his Prayer is that Midnight never loses he was just tricking them into going down into the trap he had layed

      1. no i like hering your thoughts and im an awful writer. I can hardly use capitals right

        and of course I am glad you saw that Acceelator’s powers were like Midnights only me and and a few others have seen the conection but your good i’m just pointing out a few things

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