Beelzebub 03

Another funny episode of Beelzebub. This one dealt with keeping Baby Beel fed. It seems that Baby Beel is very picky with what he will eat. This also was another failed attempt by Oga to pawn Baby Bel off on someone else. Oga keeps proving himself the most ruthless and defiant bastard of all bastards. I like how Oga could tell the Guy from Class 3-A wasn’t the one to give baby Beel to.

Now I hate Furuichi even more. Furuichi seems like he is opposed to fighting, so in order to prevent that he kisses ass. Maybe he should let Oga handle himself as he seems capable. I have to wonder how the two of them became friends to begin with. They are like the exact opposites of each other. At least Furuichi got put in an awkward spot by the transference demon. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.


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