Fairy Tail 62

Jura the Wizard Saint laid the smack down on Brain. Brain earned that one though. Now it would seem that an even bigger problem has come to pass. Midnight is starting to show his true colors. I can’t wait to see what type of magic Midnight has. It has to be awesome if he is going to be the final person fought in this arc.

I’m caught between whose magic I like more. It is between the Fire magic that Natsu uses or the Sky Magic that Wendy uses. I’m leaning towards th sky magic because I like being a support person. Sky magic would be perfect for me because of that. But I would want some type of offensive power so that way I’m not caught with my pants down. I mean seriously if all you can do is heal you are only fighting half a battle.

Brain is a major a-hole. Someone like him is why the plans of evil people never succeed in the end. He shot one of generals in the back. He then said that he could always make more. That is no way to run an organization. Always having people fear that they can be replaced. It would seem that Midnight’s magic power has something to do with the six generals being defeated. But still it is cruel and heartless to do such a thing. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.


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