Fairy Tail 61

Hot eye is one weird guy. I have a feeling that once Nirvana is destroyed Hot Eye will go back to the way he was before. What I don’t get is how Natsu and Erza are totally unaffected by the effects of Nirvana. Is it because they would act the same no matter what? Or is it because they have such strong wills? It also seems that Lucy was unaffected by it as well. It would seem that Nirvana is selective of who gets affected by the magic.

That Roar that Natsu made was awesome. It would seem that more of dragon slaying magic is awakening. I wonder how much more that he can do. That is the only thing that I really don’t like about shows like this. The main never really has weakness or if he does it is something stupid. They always get stronger. Cobra really pissed me off though. If it wouldn’t have been for that roar Natsu would have been beat. Cobra was a really good power in being able to hear thoughts. This has been xly15 and check back later for more.


2 thoughts on “Fairy Tail 61

  1. actully Natsu never got any stronger there he just was mad and got lucky

    him and the others are not affected by Nevara because they don’t have doubt if they doubt them self and fell overly nagaitve emotions like Sherry did and like Wendy and Hibiki nearly did they turn

    but that was only the inital effect now that Nevara has gone into phase 2 it won’t effect some one untill Brain wants it to

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