Bakuman 14

That scene of Miyoshi beating up Shuujin was awesome. He wouldn’t have been able to get that other girl that liked to do that. You can definitely tell that Miyoshi was in martial arts. You can also tell that Shuujin does not know how to fight. Shuujin is right though. IF you truly want to be able to write about something you have to experience it first hand. You can tell when the writer is imagining it while writing. Then again if all writer experienced what they were writing firsthand then a lot books would be published.

Miyoshi got owned by Azuki right away. Azuki knows that Saiko wouldn’t email her about third place in NEXT. Miyoshi still does not understand the relationship between Azuki and Saiko. I understand that Miyoshi wants to help her friends, but sometimes you just need to butt out. If you want your friends to be happy you have to let them find on their own. That is always something that people should keep in mind.

Nizuma is definitely an oddball. The second that cellphone was placed on his desk he flipped out. You can also tell that he does not consider Saiko and Shuujin as rivals. He wants to be friends with them. But I do believe that he paid Shuujin and Saiko and compliment. He is a big fan of their manga “Money and Intelligence”. I’m still on the fence about Nizuma being a genius. He may be able to write mainstream, but hat does not make him a genius.

Hattori was mad with Saiko and Shuujin about them wanting to go mainstream. I can understand why he does not want them to go mainstream. He wants them to continue doing what he thinks they do best. But Saiko and Shuujin see the situation in a different light. They want to be serialized as fast as they can. Especially Saiko. He wants to have an anime by the time he is eighteen. At least they struck a deal with Hattori and they will see if they can do it. Until next time this has been Xly15.


2 thoughts on “Bakuman 14

  1. Shuujin x Kaya and Hattori and Eiji are the best character interactions this show has to offer, and this episode has all of them! I personally thought Shuujin couldn’t do mainstream, but if they feel that winning = votes = mainstream, oh well.

    1. I believe that Shuujin and Saiko have made a big mistake in wanting to go mainstream. I have to agree that votes don’t equal mainstream. I really think that they should keep doing what they have been doing.

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