Shiki 22: Finale

Death, death, and more death. Shiki are just dying left and right. The villagers are intent on killing them all. But two of them have escaped from the villagers. Sunako and Seishin ae the two lucky ones. And thus the cycle will eventually repeat itself. Maybe Sunako and Seishin will reveal the problem to e medical professional and they can get blood bags and the like. Then again the medical professional would probably want to study them.

That final battle between Natsuno and Tatsumi was epic. But Tatsumi never had any chance of winning in the first place. He is going up against a person that is willing to bet his undead life to destroy the Shiki. I can’t believe that Natsuno’s reason for fighting was a selfish one. Then again he didn’t give a damn about the village. He just hated the damn Shiki’s and probably did not want them leaving the village. At least both him and Tatsumi went out in a quick way.

Shimizu is finally dead. I wish that when she died in the beginning that she would have actually been dead. I never got why the most annoying person in series was made into an almost immortal being. At least she got what she deserved by the way the villagers killed her. She was a very rude and selfish person. She was never thankful for what she had and always wanted more. At least she died.

I have to say that Shiki was one of the best anime that have I seen in long time. It kept me engrossed and wanting to see more. Every week I wanted to see more. The best thing about it was the portrayal of two different types of Vampires. You had your normal run of the mill Vampires that couldn’t be in sun light and needed blood. Then you had ones that could mimic humans. That was the most interesting thing ever. This has been Xly15 and check back later for more.


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