Tokyo’s Ban on Anime and Manga

There is an interesting article up over at Anime News Network about how Bill 156 or the Amendment to the Youth Healthy Development Ordinance got passed. Apparently a lot of Disinformation and propaganda  was spread about the issue. I’m not going to take the time to explain what is in that article here. If you want to read it you can head over to ANN and read it for yourself. Let me just warn you though. It is a translated essay and may be a little hard to read.

Editorial: How Bill 156 Got Passed

Coming from The Sankaku Complex is the story of how the Anime and Manga Publishers that are boycotting the bill are not attending The Tokyo Anime Fair. They will be instead holding their own Anime Convention in the neighboring prefecture of Chiba. It is to be called the Anime Contents Convention. It is going to be held the same days as TAF.

More here at The Sankaku Complex

Maybe now the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will realize their error in passing the bill when they see all the jobs that will be lost because of it. Tokyo is essentially going to cripple their economy if they continue going down this path. I wish that the Democratic Party of Japan(DPJ) would have stood in opposition to the end. As always this is Xly15 and check back later for more.


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