Fairy Tail 60

Nirvana is fully awake now. So Nirvana is actually a city left behind by ancient people? And here I thought it was going to be something much better. As long as it does something like the Phantom Guild did then I’m cool with it. I wonder how much time it tookk those ancients to build this city? It would seem that ancient people either had very powerful magic or magic that was way to elaborate to the simple function it does. It seems that Brain has some Grandiose scheme and it involves the Guild Cait Shelter.

It would seem that Erza has convinced Jellal not to kill himself. She has a point though. The only way to atone for sins is to live on in memory of those that you killed or harmed. As Erza put he must “Live on and Struggle”. Killing oneself is never a way to atone for sins because it does nothing to make up for what you have caused in pain and suffering. At least for the time being he is deciding to live on and help the others.

It would seem that this arc is drawing ever closer to its climax. I’m getting very excited to see what happens next. As always this is Xly15 and check back later for more.


2 thoughts on “Fairy Tail 60

  1. well Erza did not really talk Jellal out of killing him self Brain saved him when he got rid of the destruct seals

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