Shiki 21

How has Christmas treated you my Otaku Friends? I hope that you have room to accept one more gift here on this Christmas Day. I come bearing the gift of a Shiki Episode 21 review. I know that you probably won’t consider it as gift, but please accept it all same. I must say that I would be very happy to receive this gift. This is the perfect gift to wrap a great Christmas with. This episode was filled with Tragedy all the way through it. Without further adieu I launch into the gift giving.

This has to be one of the most goriest and straight up violent I have seen in a long time. The past couple episodes have had more blood in them than a whole entire 50 episodes of Bleach. I have to say this though. Blood obviously makes all food taste better. That is what I have always desired to eat food with bloodied hands and human blood at that. Sounds oh so Oishii doesn’t. Then another surprise is given in the bite marks on Seishirou’s arm. I have the biggest feeling that is the work of Natsuno.

Last but not least is Seishin trying to escape the village with Sunako in a trunk. Seishin gets the shit sliced out him as he tries to leave the Temple. Is it sad that his mom and the grounds keep died. Then he hides Sunako under a little outcropping of Ground. I seriously believe that Sunako will be found now because of the blood trail left behind by Seishin. All the Villagers have to do is follow it right to the hiding spot. Then again the villagers seem pretty stupid. Maybe Sunako will survive.

Well this all this Christmas gift. As always this is Xly15 and have A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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