Fairy Tail 59

Two very important events happened in this episode of Fairy Tail. The first event is learning how Jellal and Wendy met. To me it was a very heart wrenching story. The dragon that was taking care of Wendy disappeared just like all the other dragons. That left Wendy to wander around looking for that dragon all on her own. She then met Jellal while he was on a journey and automatically bonded with him. Then they had to split up because of some unforeseen event that came up. It was probably the spirit of Zeref calling him.

The second important event happened when Erza confronted Jellal in front of Nirvana. Jellal has on recollection of anything and only knows the name Erza. When Erza tells him what he has done to his friends he gets a very pained look on his face. He then goes a does the prototypical thing and takes his own life thinking that it just get rid of everything. He should instead try living out his life in a way that he thinks will atone for all the bad things that he has done. Who knows maybe he could actually bring happiness to people.

On a side note Lyon is still alive and doing well. Then again people very rarely ever die in shounen anime. Especially when it comes to good guys with the exception of Simon in the Tower of Heaven. Well this is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


2 thoughts on “Fairy Tail 59

  1. hmm you missed a few epiosdes anyway I still think that that is not Jellal in the flashback but Mystogan he even has the same staff on his back he looks just like Jellal he may have just been going by his name

    also Jellal was never called by the spirt of Zeref that was always Ultear who tricked him

    I think that Jellal is taking his life in a way that will atone he is ruining Brains plans by destroying Nevara

    1. I see that you are correct about the whole Ultear possessing Jellal thing. I have a feeling though that the person in the flashback was indeed Jellal.

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