Bakuman 12

Within the first minute of the episode Shuujin and Saiko learn that they got published. Now all they have to do is beat Nizuma in the Questionnaire of Jack’s Next edition. Then there is Miyoshi trying to butt into the relationship between Saiko and Azuki. I can understand that she cares about her friends, but somethings are better left alone. They have also graduated from middle school. Saiko is definitely trying his hardest to accomplish his dreams.

I think that this is the best episode so far. I got to see more of that budding relationship between Azuki and Saiko. Is it wrong that this interests me more than the actual premise of the show? I would have to say I like this because it reflects something I have never seen or even heard about before. I will always like something like this because it is being by the both of them to fuel them towards their dreams. All I can say that I hope they both accomplish their dreams.

I definitely would be like Miyoshi in a situation concerning my friends. I care a lot about my friends and I desire to see them happy. Then again if it seemed like my friends are happy I probably would just stay out of the way. It just seems like you would be doing more harm than good if you interfere. Well this is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.



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