Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Finale

I really don’t know how I should put this into words. This being the finale and all I think it should be a good post. Well here goes my shot at it. This ended just like how I thought it would end. Tomoki ended up adding more angeloids to his already growing collection. I like how they were trying to make him choose who he would take as the person that he loved. But that is the thing about Tomoki is that he loves they all to much to just choose one. I definitely like how chaos was basically given to him to take care of. She looks like here original form again minus the murderous intentions. By my guess though the battle against the Synapse will continue. I’m pretty sure that the guy in control of the Synapse is getting pissed. He should have just came down a took care of it himself.

So here is my take on the series as a whole. It scores really well because it funny. The main character in always getting himself into trouble. I just like how you also get glimpses into the past of how Tomoki was influenced. It seems that his grandfather played a big in forming Tomoki. But I always still wonder where Tomoki’s parents are at. It seems like this should take place over a period of time and I wonder when if ever his parents will return. All round I liked this show because it made me laugh. I have no trouble recommending this one to anyone. This is Xly15 signing off.


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