Just a Random Musing pt.2

I was bored so I decided to make a post. I should be back to my regular posting schedule here pretty soon. I just have to make it through finals weeks at college and then I have three weeks off. Even though I don’t know why we do it this way. To me it is just more time for me to forget what I learned. But oh well. There is probably very little chance of ever changing how things are done in this regard. You can never suggest to people about getting rid of the extended break. They get mad about you even suggesting it. But then they complain about forgetting what they have learned.

I really shouldn’t say that I will be back to my regular posting schedule because some shows that I post will either end at the of finals week or the week after. I’m looking at you Sora no Otoshimono: Forte. As of right now I really can’t say if I will pick up anything for the Winter 2011 anime season though. I will have my hands full trying to keep up with class working. I have two math classes next semester. One of which happens to be on Saturday. FML. I would like to keep this blog alive until the Spring season starts though. I would be really nice if I could if people that want to blog about anime. I need people that want to blog and would be willing to start basically right away.

As for requirements I would like someone who has interest in anime and who would like to blog about what they watch. But that is not all. I want someone who can at least be professional about their posts. What I mean is that you have to be able to type without murdering the English language. If anything I at least want one or two more posters and an editor. If I could at least get that then I would be very happy. Of course I would never stop posting either. I just enjoy it way to much to give it up. So please if you have any interest at all about posting on this blog please contact me. Well that is all I have to say. As always this post is brought to you mostly commercial free by Xly15. Check back later for more.


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