Shiki 18

Mrs. Kirishiki just got owned by Dr. Ozaki. If Natsuno planned this then he is one bad ass mofo. It just seems like something that he would do. Now the whole village knows that the risen exist and can help Ozaki do something about it. Dr. Ozaki is one hell of an actor. But I guess it helps when you have been bitten before hand by another shiki. So he had someone else telling him what to do as well. This is definitely turning out better then I expected it to. I loved that evil look Ozaki had on his face after Mrs. Kirishiki saw that second set of bite marks.

I can’t believe that even as a Vampire that atsushi is still afraid of his father. Now because of what Atsushi failed to do Mrs. Kirishiki will die and a painful death it will be. By my guess this is going to how Natsuno planned it. At now I know how and why Natsuno can be in the sunlight. He is a werewolf. I must say that Natsuno’s dad has really flipped his lid. He was laughing manically as he stabbed Tatsumi.

Well this all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


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