Shiki 17

Holy Shit! I can’t believe that Ozaki finally got bit. I was figuring him to be the one that held out to the end and then go out in style. But I guess that he finally gave up because the whole village is dead. He has no living in person in the village to worry about anymore. No one living that would help him fight. Even his best friend Seishin gave in. I kind of figured that was going to happen though. So much for that baptism in modern rationalism. It apparently taught all the villagers to think alike. Most of them knew something was wrong and yet did nothing to find out what it was or to even stop it.

I wonder if this was all planned out by Natsuno in the first place? Maybe Natsuno wanted Ozaki to get bit so that way he would be on the inside. I know that Natsuno is preparing to take the shikis down along with him. Maybe Ozaki will follow Natsuno’s lead? It seems pretty reasonable that this could happen. It would prevent the shikis from spreading further.

Well this all for this post. Until next time this is Xly15 signing off.


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