Just a Random Musing pt.1

From now on my update posts will use the title of this post. I figured it would be a lot better than just saying “Update for mm/dd/yy” type format. I just came to tell everyone who reads this blog that I had over 3500 site views for the month of November. Now I know that some will say that it is not a big deal. But to me it is. I would have never guessed that many people would view my blog. So I hope that it keeps up and that more people start to read my blog. I know I probably need to liven it up a little, but I just don’t know how right now. Maybe once I go on Christmas Break I will try and figure something out.

I also have to tell you that I probably won’t be making posts for the next couple of weeks because of Final exams coming up. I have to prepare for that. I will be having exams almost everyday that week. Well that is all I have to say for now and until later this has been Xly15 posting.


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