Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls 09

Yoshihiko is one evil person. Kidnapping girls just so that way he can save his country. I know that the intentions are noble, but the method is downright evil. Just remember people the ends do not justify the means. He is still violating those girls right to do as they please. I wouldn’t if the goal is noble because I don’t agree with the means. There has to be a way that will make everyone happy and not violate anyone’s right to do as they as long as they don’t infringe upon others right to do the same. Other than that I have no complaints with the episode.

I really enjoyed that battle between Sen and Gisen. Then at Charles D’Artagnan had to interfere. Of course I know that Yoshihiko is lying to everyone or why would have the need to kill Hanzo, Matabei, Yukimaru, and Kanetsugu. What was the point of sharing the plan with them and then killing them? It just seems easier to kill them and it would be a lot quicker too. It always seems that the bad guy has to spill his plan before killing the good people. It always gives the good people a little bit of time to think about how to escape their current problem. Personally if I was Yoshihiko I would use them to carry out my plans.

Well that is all for this post. As always this post is brought to you commercial free by Xly15. Check back later for more.


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