Just a Thought

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving. I know I did. All the good food and the lazing around afterwards. Even as of the writing of article I just want to laze off somewhere. But something in the back of my head told me I should make a post. And viola here is the post. Yes I know that I am really going nowhere quickly and I’m cool with that. But now I must get on to the main part of my post.

As anyone who has read my blog knows I asked if there were people who would like to make posts about what they like. I mean sure I would like it fit in with the main theme of blog which is anime related. But hey who am I complain. I guess as long as it falls near I will be fine. I would really like to expand the blog into covering more, but I can’t do it all myself. Like when the winter anime season starts I probably won’t pick up anything new because I will be quite a busy person. College is a big time consumer, but it is important.

The reason I’m for more people is so that way the blog won’t die out. I know myself and if I just stop posting for awhile I will probably never post again. Plus I would love to be able to cover more. I guess what I’m saying that is I need people that will post that will make me want to keep posting. So if anyone is interested at all leave a comment or email me at cxly15@gmail.com. Until my next post this is xly15 signing off.


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