Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls 08

Another girl just falls out of the sky. Why is it that Muneakira is getting all the girls and it does not look like he even wants all those girls? I’m pretty sure that even a classical samurai would be having sex with one of those girls if it was offered to him. But when it offered to Muneakira he acts like he does not even want it. I have a feeling that he is gay. I know if I was him that I would be getting laid all night, every night.

Who knew that Jubei had such strong ideas? I would have figured Jubei to be an airhead in her untransformed state. But apparently she is not the idiot because Kanetsugu already has that position filled and quite well I might add. But the trust and bond thing is kind of true. A samurai traditionally is in service to a lord. That lord has to be trusting enough to trust person with a weapon to kill him. The samurai would also have to kind of love the lord to not want to kill him. At least that is how I see the meaning of that statement.

Where in the hell is the story? This is kind of reminding me of watching Shukufuku no Campanella. It went from having a story to having no story to at the end trying to find the damn plot again. Well those are my thoughts and as always this post is brought to you commercial free by Xly15. Check back later for more.


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