Fairy Tail 55

I hate when people get like Wendy did. They let their irrationality get in the way and disregard other people’s emotions, thoughts, and ideas. If Wendy would have just looked at Happy or Waited for Natsu she would have learned that Jellal was indeed a bad person. Maybe saved Wendy because he knew that he would need her power someday. It seems clearly likely that is how it happened. I mean just look. He got revived. How was Jellal able to blast Natsu that easily? If I remember correctly Natsu beat Jellal, so shouldn’t Natsu be the stronger of the two.

I guess that the revival of Jellal is the most important thing that happened in this episode. As always this is Xly15 and check back later for more.


2 thoughts on “Fairy Tail 55

  1. hmm i have not read the manga so i don’t know for sure but maybe the person that helped out Wendy was Mystogan the Jellal in her flash back had a staff on his back

    Natsu was weaker then Jellal he ate that lyrchmea that gave him a huge power boost to beat Jellal that power boost looks like its gone now so he is weaker again

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