Bakuman 08

That sucks that Saiko and Shuujin did not win the Tezuka awards. They put in all that work and got cut in the final round. But at least they got to see their names and some of their manga in print. I would personally use that as motivation to continue on and do better. I mean seriously. They made it to the final rounds of judging. Do they even know how many submissions there were in all? I bet you if they knew that they wouldn’t feel half as bad.

I never thought that Shuujin would hit someone. He was deeply offended by want that one guy said about Saiko. But I guess I would be the same way if someone insulted my friends or family. I’m the only that is allowed to do that and I don’t even do it that often. But now the secret in out about Shuujin and Saiko. I’m pretty sure that they did not want their other classmates to know. I’m guessing they are thinking that it would impeded them in going towards their goal.

Clearly they are getting much better at the whole manga thing. If it is anything like BECK was with music it will take awhile and a lot of struggles to reach the top for these two. But they will be all the stronger when they do reach the top. As always this is post is brought to you by xly15 and check back later for more.

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