Shiki 16

You kind of have to feel sorry for Sunako and the other shiki’s except for Megumi. The reason I exclude Megumi is because she obviously loves being a shiki. I can bet that most of the other shiki probably wouldn”t have chosen to be shiki if they could have. The only reason Sunako is making more shiki is because she wants a family that loves her. Sunako was made a shiki as a little child and then she was shunned by her parents. She spent a lot of time trying to find her family.

This is the one reason I would not want to live forever. It just seems that life would have no meaning if we could live forever. The main thing that makes life well life is the fact that living beings die. We realize that we can die and thus we strive to better the lives of those around us and of those to come after us. I just think that it would be said to see all the people that you love die and you can’t do the same. Eventually you would forget those people and you would move on.

I can’t believe that Akira was that much of an idiot to go into that house by himself. He should have had someone with him. Of course someone is going to be guarding the sleeping shiki. The shiki seek to keep the newborns live until they can feed themselves. Of course it looks like Tatsumi takes this duty himself. It’s understandable though. He is the strongest of the shiki and tell most of them what to do. I hope that someone comes to the rescue of Akira.

I can foresee Shiki just getting better from here on out. I mean come on Natsuno is a Shki and it seems that he is planning to take the shiki down with him with the help of Doctor Ozaki. Well this is the end of this post. As always check back later for more and this is Xly15 signing off.


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