Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls 07

I was just about to turn this post into a screen shots only post, but I figured I would motivate myself to actually do the post. The only major development and I figured it would happen is that Kanetsugu would move into the dojo with the others. It seems that she wants to keep tabs on Muneakira. I guess the other major development was learning how Hanzo and Princess Sen met. Clearly Hanzo met and went above and beyond her line of duty. Hanzo is just more than a servant to Sen.

Awww. man I was hoping that we would get to see another master samurai. But I like Hanzo’s style. She is fiercely loyal Princess Sen and would lay down her life for her. That is a bond that will be broken no matter how hard you try. All I know is that Kanetsugu is basically useless because she is relatively weak right now. But at least they introduced the idiot to the cast. Now almost every position is filled.

Apparently Princess Sen’s brother is planning something and it is not good. But until they reveal more I cannot say much. Until next time this is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


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