Sora no Otoshimono: Forte 07



Why is that every-time I watch this show I get smile on my face? Every single time it happens. I guess it is because of all the crazy stuff that happens in one episode. It never gets old to me and I always enjoy it. Somehow Tomoki gets himself wrapped up in a problem that sometimes he has created or sometimes he hasn’t. But most of the time he has created the problem due to his perverseness. But I do believe that my favorite character has to be Ikaros. She is just that girl that is trying learn about love and how to express her feelings.

But this episode definitely had its funny moment when Nymph found Astrea in the refrigerator. Why in the hell would you want to sit in a refrigerator? It seems like it would be very cold. My second question is how she got the door to fully close. I have put myself inside of a refrigerator before and I could never close the door fully. But I guess my question will never be answered. Then the watermelons that Ikaros was growing all gone. If I would have been Nymph I would have just told the truth. Obviously what she did lead to problems for Tomoki. 

The angeloid called epsilon is creepy She has those metal wings and her idea of love is to try and kill someone. Hopefully Tomoki is able to turn this around as well. But it still looks like Tomoki is working on Astrea. I don’t think that he has the time or the patience to work on another angeloid. Maybe someday Tomoki will get to the Synapse and confront the head person once and for all. I just wonder how long the Synapse has existed?

Well this post is over and as always this is xly15 signing off. Check back later for more.


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