Bakuman 07

Azuki’s tears of sadness even made me feel bad. How could Saiko even suggest the idea of getting rid of the promise that is bonding them together? I guess I can understand his feelings about being separated from the one he loves. I wouldn’t want that either. But you kind of did make a promise there Saiko. It is now up to you as man to keep that promise. I guess it is also up to Azuki to be a woman and keep the promise as well.

But Saiko comes in with the save by realizing his mistake and then correcting it. He realized that he was being selfish in asking what he and did not even consider the feelings of Azuki. Saiko will eventually be a good husband because of how is realized what he did was wrong. You make a promise, you have to keep that promise. But score for him. He finally got Azuki’s email.

Is it crime for me to be more interested in the relationship between Azuki and Saiko than the main concept of the show? The scenes where they show Azuki and Saiko together always get me in a happy mood. I like the main concept of the show as well, but I just like this a lot more. I guess you could say that I’m keeping a closer eye on it than the main storyline. Even though the two intertwine together very deeply.

Well I this note the post is done and this is Xly15 signing off. Remember to check back later for more. Also remember that I have a comment section and I greatly appreciate if people use it. Even if the post is not related to the post I appreciate opinions on things like if you liked the post, if I’m doing good, or maybe you think I could something better. Well I have carried this post longer than I wanted too. Check back later for more. Until later this is Xly15 signing off.


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