Update for 11-09-10

Well this week has been a fun week so far. Let me see I have had an economics test and I still have to do a physics test on Thursday. But at least I think that I did really well on the economics test. I have finally decided what I real pursue as a major in college. Computer Science here I come. I really couldn’t see myself being a paralegal or a lawyer and liking Anime. So one had to give. Plus I came to startling conclusion. Whenever I go to a store and look at the magazine rack I go straight to the computer magazines. Same thing in a book store. I automatically go to the computer section.

Now to real news that I wanted to get too. I am changing the name of my blog. I have decided that the Random zone is no longer a good name as considering it is not really random. The new name will be The Criticisms of an Otaku. Maybe it will help attract more people. Who knows. Plus I’m also looking for people that would like to blog as well. As long as it falls under Anime, video games, computers, or japanese culture I think I would let that person post. Okay then that is all I have to say. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


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