Bakuman 06

If you don’t hit it big right of the bat then you are just gambling. I like that idea that Saiko’s uncle has given Saiko. It is the idea that keeps Saiko grounded in reality and it keeps him from being satisfied with his work. Once you become satisfied with something it almost becomes impossible to change. But my only problem is I don’t like to gamble unless I know I will win. So the idea is to keep on gambling because at some point you may hit it big.

Shuujin finally got some story behind him. It seems that his mother was trying to use him as her tool. I would hate to have a parent that was a teacher, but then again I might have better study habits then. If I was being told to avenge my father I would have probably done the same thing. As a kid you really don’t understand all that stuff. Plus why would I want to hurt someone that did nothing to me.

The meeting at Shounen Jack was probably more intense then it had to be. But then again what the hell am I talking about. I get nervous when having a meeting with my academic adviser. But I’m glad that Mr. Hattori did not shoot them right down. He basically told them to do better and come back later. This is kind of reminding of how things went in Beck. All the damn hurdles.

This is it for this post. This is Xly15 Signing off and check back later for more.


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