Shiki 14

Dr. Ozaki is one bad ass doctor. He is clearly a man among men. He is able to ignore the cries of his undead wife in order to pursue his agenda. This man is clearly devoted to his cause of defeating the shiki. But I have one problem with this. Anything capable of highly intelligent and sentient thought probably has a right to live. Plus she can clearly feel pain. I kind of feel sad for Kyoko because she witnessed all the experiments on her before she died a horrible undeath.

Megumi is still a bitch as always. But that is all good. I just wish that she would stop messing with Kaori. She has clearly done enough damage to her by killing her father. Kaori seems like a nice and likable girl to boot. But man did that guy from Ebuchi’s Clinic show up fast. It was like he traveled near the speed of light. That guy from Ebuchi’s also creeped the hell out of me. He is kind of like that girl with the puppet.

This is all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


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