Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls 5

We have another Samurai Girl. Way to go Princess Sen. The Harem is getting bigger by the episode. But that Warrior of Love Girl was clearly an annoyance. How can you be a warrior for love if you have never even loved someone before? I just like how Princess Sen brought that up. The Warrior of Love Girl is clearly the naive one. She didn’t even know what in the hell she was talking about. I think that she just loves hearing herself talk.

Yukimaru was a little prankster as a kid. Her getting that Warrior of love girl to pee on an earthworm had me laughing out loud. Now that is what I call a good prank. But it kind of did ruin that one girl’s social life. As she said everyone in her village remembered that and made fun of her for it. But seriously it was funny.

This is Xly15 signing and check back later for more.


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