Fairy Tail 52

Holy shit a lot went down in this episode. The story has started to move along quite nicely. First off the Dark guild Grimoire Heart is starting to make a move. Apparently the Master of Grimoire Heart wants to revive Zeref as well. First it was Jellal and now it is this guild. What is the obsession with this long dead Dark Wizard. If these Dark guilds really wanted to prove their stuff they would do it without reviving a person that mast likely wants unlimited power.

It would seem that most of the Dark Guilds are controlled by three main ones. The Baram Alliance consists of Grimoire Heart, Oracion Seis, and Tartatos. Why is it that the characters and organizations considered evil have an alliance before the good guys? It always seems that way in any show that I watch. But at least the good guys have formed an alliance. We have Fairy Tail of Course, Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale, and Caitshelter. Of course it is apparent who Fairy Tail would send out as Representatives.

But the other three guilds have some weird people. From Blue Pegasus we have Hibiki, Eve, Ren, and Ichiya. I must say that these guys creeped me out the most. But the way they acted kind of reminded me of Ouran High School Host Club. From Lamia Scale we have two blasts from past in Lyon and Shelly. They are the one who tried to revive that demon that Gray’s teacher Ul defeated. Their final member is a Great Wizard Saint and he is bad ass called Jura. 

Caitshelter was probably the weirdest of all. They sent what appears to be a little child. So now we have a loli character that goes by the name of Wendy. I do wonder how powerful she is though. It was just funny how Natsu said her name. Think he was having bad thoughts. So there is the whole Good Guys Alliance. Now it’s time for the main show. The attack on Oracion Seis.

This is all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


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