Shiki 13

So two people of died in this episode. Natsuno has finally succumb to the biting that Tohru did on him. Kyoko is also now dead. But who really gives a shit about Kyoko. It is all about that Natsuno as I see it. You can also tell that Dr. Ozaki did not really like his wife all that much. But enough about Kyoko and Dr. Ozaki. Natsuno was a badass and now he is dead. But of course we all knew that this was cowing because he got bit several times. Natsuno’s dad should have listened to Akira and his sister.

I must say that Megumi is a bitch though. She derived a lot pleasure out of destroying Kaori’s family. How would she feel if she was still alive and that was happening to her? I doubt she would be very happy at all. Then again she is a shiki so she really can’t be harmed by most conventional means. So what does she have to fear? I just hope that Megumi dies because I know that I will enjoy that.

Well this all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.

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