Fairy Tail 51

The man in the picture is Lucy’s dad. My god did he change from the episode where Lucy basically disowned him as her father. He looks like was hobo that I would see New York. Minus the business suit of course. The only thing that I can’t believe is the fact that he only come to get some money off. He made seem all sweet and innocent. But then he tells her to give him 100,000 in whatever their currency is.

The second thing is why did he use everything in his house and even his house as collateral to build a railway. It seems quite stupid to do that. At least keep something to yourself. He also should have found other investors for his project so that way he wouldn’t have had to put all the money. At least he got to keep his business suit. That is always a plus. He should have tried to become a con man. He has a business suit. He could have fooled a lot of people.

Then Lucy hears about the Trade Guild he was going to work at was attacked. Even though she professed that she hated her father she still loves him. She went to try and save him only to find out that he wasn’t there yet. But it was an endearing moment. You could really tell that she still loved him.

Well this is all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


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