Bakuman 4

A lot of decisions were made during this episode. Both Takagi and Moritaka decided that they will attend the same high school and that they will try to aim for the end of summer for their first chance at serialization. They also decided which manga magazine they will try first. With every episode I watch I am liking this more and more. I especially like the way that Moritaka and Azuki are going about their relationship. But I have to agree with Takagi on this one. Moritaka is trying too much to be like his uncle. Things did not turn out so well for his uncle.

Still Moritaka has not gotten Azuki’s email. How are they suppose to encourage each without that. Moritaka needs to grow at least enough balls and ask for that. Then again he grew enough ball when he asked Azuki to marry him. Ahh a man’s romanticism. For some I could see myself being this way.

Well this is all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.



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