Update for 10-24-10

I’m bored so I’m making a post. I figured that I would tell you what I have been doing with my life over the last couple of weeks. I have college classes Monday through Friday. I usually get started pretty early too. My first class starts at 9:15 a.m.. I usually have class until 12:55 p.m. except on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. On those days I have a class at 5:30 in the evening. It is such a pain because I have such a long break in between classes.

As of right now I’m taking classes in physics, economics, I am learning Japanese, and I have a sociology class. I thinking of making posts about what I learn in my Japanese Class. I have been told it is easier to keep on track if you have people pushing you. Who knows maybe I will find someone who knows a lot of Japanese and they can help me study. I just wish that I could take part in my college’s 4-week trip to Osaka, Japan in May. It sucks not having any money. But at least I got a comfortable place to live that I don’t have to pay for except with helping around the place.

Of course I just finished my first play through of the game Mafia II. I must aside from it’s lack of story or resolution at the end I rather enjoyed the game. I working on my second play through on the hardest difficulty. So maybe I will keep the people that read my dribble updated on that as well. Man do I got a lot of games that I need to finish. The most recent games that I finished were Mafia II and Torchlight. I have a lot of games on my steam list that I have never played or even finished. I also have Starcraft 2 but almost never have time to play it. I would probably play more  if I had someone teach me how to play better.

Well enough of my dribble. Please leave comments. I live a pretty boring life so comments on here are a way for me to talk to other people that have share my interests. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


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