Nurarihyon No Mago 16

Clearly troubles are ahead for Rikuo. It looks like the Nura Clan is falling apart and Rikuo can’t do much about it. Especially considering that it looks like that Hitotsume looks he is trying to bring it down. But at least Rikuo has those yokai that are very loyal to him. If anything this proves to me that the clan will stay together. But it seems that the yokai in the mansion are starting to get restless and so are the kids. I mean just look at that picture up there. He is like WTF. If only the guy at the computer would have looked left instead of right.

Are they on summer break or something because this is seems like a lot of kids doing nothing. Except for Kana of course. She seems to be busy helping out Rikuo’s mom and stuff. But the rest of them are just being lazy. If I remember a couple episodes back they were in school. So they must be on some type of break. But what about their parents? I mean seriously. If I were one of there parents I would be wondering where my child is at right about now. I also wish that Keikain would realize that she is injured and stop trying to fight yokai. It can’t be doing any good.

Well this is all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and check back later for more.


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